How much does a web site cost? 

This is the most frequently asked question and probably the most difficult to answer. Cost depends upon several factors.

Web Storage  

$15/month and up. You will need to store your site so it is accessible to the internet. Space is usually available with a local Internet Service   Provider, but, is available from anyone renting space on a server. Cost varies with ISPs as well as with size and complexity of your site.   

Domain Name

$20 - $25 per year.  You have three options with a domain name.  Here are the two I recommend. 

 .com, .net, .org    Cost: about $25/year, examples:

.ca    Cost: about $20/year, examples:

Web Design

$???? - Too many variables.  Call for an estimate. You can buy a web design program and do it yourself or you can hire a web designer (like me) to do it for you.


Cost: Web Design Program - $xxx.xx (and up), graphics program to create and manipulate design and picture components - $xxx.xx (and up), hours to learn the program and more hours to do the web page.

Web Designer  

Cost: $xxx.xx and up depending upon the complexity of your site. Sites can be as simple as a brochure describing who you are to as complex as a site that has on-line buying with credit card transactions. The more complex they are, the longer they take to design and the more they cost. After finding out what you want, I can give you an estimate of the cost.  Web Designers have the programs and knowledge necessary to create your site.  They are experienced with design components and different scripting languages necessary to achieve the best results.     

Web Site Promotion  

Usually included with web site package.  Once your web site is completed, a web designer can advise you on the strategies to use to get the best results when registering with search engines and indexes.